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Jasmines Jewels

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Established 10/14/2006
(4,875 days old)
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New Pacific Order
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Nation Team Red team Red
Native Resources Coal Fish

Jasmines Jewels joined Cyber Nations on October 14, 2006. Jasmine was first introduced to online gaming through NationStates. She was introduced to NS by a Yahoo friend, VL Empire, who later introduced her to Cybernations. When Jasmine started playing CN she started in the Legion. Jasmine spammed up Legion's boards until she found her calling in their Diplomatic Corps. Her first assignment meant being sent to GC as a diplomat on Dec 18th. After putting a few more diplomat assignments under her belt, she moved on to the Legion's Intel Department, where she had the exciting job of Treaty Archivist and Xoirun assisted Jasmine in her job of archiving every treaty ever written in CN up to that point. She quickly became bored and then moved from Legion to stay with friends at LoSS for two days and then after seeing that LoSS was not a good fit for her, Jasmine moved on to Valhalla. After she made an impression in her first week in Valhalla, she was asked to step in for their Vice Regent, the second in command of the entire alliance and three weeks later she was voted back into the VR spot for another two months. After her term was up and after leaving Valhalla due to differences, Jasmine Jewels made her way to her final home, the New Pacific Order Jasmines join on May 28, 2007 and was masked as a member on June 9, 2007.

New Pacific OrderEdit


Despite events at the beginning of her CN time, which lead her to believe the NPO were evil, she viewed the alliance as strong and solid which influenced her decision to join. After being accepted, Jasmine went on to take up several positions in the Order. She joined intel as a Cartographer. This is one of her memorable moments, for it lead to a career later in Military Command. It was here that she took the reigns of some prominent positions, she became leader of Zeta Battalion, then later she was promoted to General. She remained General for nine months before stepping down and appointing MariMassa to the role. Despite her Military Command success, her favorite area was diplomacy. She has held the role of Ambassador and Special Envoy in the Diplomatic Corps.

Some of the most influential people on her include Koona and Umbrae Noctem. She has spent many hours working alongside them in the role of General, and they have helped her trust her own judgments and to better herself as well as helping her be there for others. Additionally, DarkMistress has had a defining role from the time Jasmine met her in IRON. DM has greatly helped Jasmine over the last few years, and became a good friend.

On May 30, 2010, Jasmine was appointed by Emperor Cortath to the rank of Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs where she was put in charge of the Pacific Bank. Jasmine has proven time and again her dedication to the Order; one instance is when she managed the completion of NPO's reparations owed from the Armageddon War. During the summer of 2011 she and Bakamitai oversaw the merging of the Bank and Tech Corps into the Department of Economic Affairs. On September 21, 2011 Emperor Mary the Fantabulous announced Jasmine's retirement as IO of Economic Affairs leaving Bakamitai as the sole IO in the DEA.


War HistoryEdit

Jasmines Jewels's NPO War Ribbon Bar

FAN · FAN-GOLD · FAN2 · Gpawar2
RED · Wolfpackevenpinkercopy · Armageddon · Dhribbon6


Award Name Description Date Awarded
Order of Pacifica Medal
Order of Pacifica Medal For the rebuilding and restructuring of the Military and bringing it highest efficiency since the first days of the Order. 12 April 2008
Retired Military Command Presented for her participation in Military Command upon her retirement. 27 July 2008
Ambassador Award For participating in the drive to reestablish good relations with other alliances. 3 November 2009
Banking Cross Awarded by the bankers for exceptional work maintaining and managing NPO financial assets. January 2010
Banking under Fire Badge This award is for Agents in the Banking Division whom during a war fought and continued to help other nations through aid and guidance. 26 June 2011
IRON Foreign Dignitary Award Award from IRON for diplomatic success unknown
Brother from another Mother Diplomat Award from the Imperial Order unknown


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