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Jack Tarr's original nation was named Darryayah but it was lost due to inactivity. His current nation is Newtreeno.

Alliance HistoryEdit

New Pacific OrderEdit

Jack Tarr joined the New Pacific Order around April 2006 shortly after coming to Cyber Nations from NationStates. He originally heard of the NPO in NS and he saw then-NPO-Emperor Ivan Moldavi "shenanigans" on the OWF and Jack liked what he saw and as he puts it, "I heard they were bullies," so Jack joined NPO. He was eventually elected to the War Council in January 2007. He also served as the NPO ambassador to FAN, who he'd join shortly after his term as Councilor ended. Jack fought in the Second Polar War, Warpstorm War and the Great Patriotic War during his time in NPO.

Jack Tarr's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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Federation of Armed NationsEdit

Jack Tarr joined the Federation of Armed Nations after leaving NPO in February 2007 because as he puts it, he had "a lot in common (RL) with the FAN crew and the draw of the FAN conservatives was irresistible." Throughout Jack's tenure in FAN he has held many positions(Congress, SotPK, DDoYaOF). He's an active member of the FAN government. His personal worst moment in CN thus far was "finding out how badly injured Josh(moo) had been in RL"

War historyEdit

Jack Tarr has participated in 15 wars across Planet Bob.


News of Jack Tarr's passing was released to the OWF on 6 December 2012.

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