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J Andres Presidential Election, 2032
January 18, 2032
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Candidate Roger Ahmadinejad Forrest Chafee Duke Gafar
Party Nationalist Independent Communist
Popular vote 181,660 158,220 152,360
Percentage 31% 27% 26%

The 2032 J Andres Presidential Election was held on January 18, 2032 to elect the President of J Andres. The election was administered by Elections Disparu and Idaho-Montana. Roger Ahmadinejad, the Nationalist candidate was elected the seventh President of J Andres.


The 2032 election immediately followed the Queen's Revolution. Roger Ahmadinejad, the Nationalist candidate ran on the grounds of improving J Andres military strength. Jim Karper, the Anchor candidate, ran on the platform of improving the dismal J Andres economy through domestic investment in J Andres businesses. Duke Gafar of Rossingol, the Communist candidate, was also the son of former President, Adrik Annan. He ran on the grounds of improving foreign relations, just as his father had. An independent candidate, Forrest Chafee, also ran for office, on the platform of isolation and maintaining a small manageable nation and government.


Results of the 2032 J Andres Presidential Election
Candidate Votes
Roger Ahmadinejad
181,660 (31%)
Forrest Chafee
158,220 (27%)
Duke Gafar
152,360 (26%)
Jim Karper
93,760 (16%)

The final results[1] revealed Roger Ahmadinejad to be victorious, and he would be inaugurated, on January 25, 2032. The results showed that Jim Karper, and initial favorite, alienated voters by standing by his controversial decision to give money to corporations, instead of to the people. Forrest Chafee and Duke Gafar were drawing from the same pool of voters, and weakened their own chances at victory.


Following his inauguration, Roger Ahmadinejad appointed his Ministers.

Forrest Chafee ran against Ahmadinejad in the election on a strong Domestic Affairs platform. Ahmadinejad thought it would be wise to appeal to his large base by bringing him on board. Hong Li became the new Minister of Energy, replacing longtime Minister Yoshiro. Mickey Bethesda retained his post in Foreign Affairs, which he has held for nearly the entire period of the nation. Michael Annan was selected to serve as Minister of War and Defense. Michael Annan is the son of Gafar Annan, and the grandson of Adrik Annan. Michael had a naval background, working on the family shipyard and enlisting in the navy when he became of age. Although his selection was based on merit, it was also to appease the Communist majority in the Commune.


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