JX1 Sentinel
The JX1 Sentinel
Type Directed Energy Weapon
Place of origin Republic of Jerna
Service history
In service 2015
Used by Republic of Jerna
Wars Jernan Civil War
Production history
Designer JNA Labs
Designed 2014
Manufacturer JNA Labs
Produced 2014 - 2015
Number built 1
Weight 2,500 metric tons
Length 100m
Barrel length 65m
Crew 6

Recoil None
Elevation 15m
Rate of fire 1 shot / 20 mins
Muzzle velocity c (299,792,458 m/s)
Maximum range Theoretically infinite.
Operationally limited by the curvature of the Earth


The JX1 Sentinel was a Directed Energy Weapon designed by the Jerna National Armaments Laboratory (JNA Labs), with initial design stages beginning in 2014. The weapon was completed during the Jernan Civil War of 2015 and was rushed into service to defend Jerna City.

Service in the Jernan Civil WarEdit

During the Jernan Civil War, Jerna City was under the control of the People's Armed Forces, who at the time, were opposed to the democratically-elected government of Arrnea's People's Socialist Party. As such, the newly-completed JX1 Sentinel was employed by the forces of the coup d'état, led by the rogue Generals Kinsey, Munro and Highgate.
The JX1 Sentinel was assembled in the West Plaza of Jerna City, allowing it to fire unhindered at targets off the coast of the city. During the Battle of Jerna City, it fired upon the JRN Sirius, resulting in the loss of the Sirius with all hands. Shortly thereafter, a team of commandos, led by Gunter Kehrer of Großgermania and Luciano Zito, head of the Black Guards of the Sicilian Alliance destroyed the Sentinel, allowing the naval forces loyal to Arrnea to gain control over the waters off Jerna City.
After the Jernan Civil War, what was left of the Sentinel was dismantled for scrap metal.

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