JRN Vanguard

The JRN Vanguard, off the south coast of the Republic of Jerna.

The JRN Vanguard is the lead ship of the Vanguard-class of frigates fielded by the People's Navy of the Republic of Jerna. There are three other ships of this class in the service of the Republic, and they are the JRN Absolution, the JRN Phoenix and the JRN Aurora Australis.

Presently, these ships are at Southport.

JRN SiriusEdit

The JRN Sirius was one of the Vanguard-class frigates belonging to the People's Navy of the Republic of Jerna. It was lost with all hands during the Battle of Jerna City (part of the Jernan Civil War) when it was fired upon by the JX1 Sentinel. The Sentinel's attack blasted a large hole straight through the Sirius, splitting the ship in half and capsizing it almost immediately.

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