National Flag
Capital City Bonetropolis
Established 2/13/2007
(4,926 days old)
Alliance Custom50
The Phoenix Federation
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team White team White

Introduction To CN Edit

Boneslovia was established on February 13, 2007.

The Greenlight Edit

JBone joined Farkistan immediately. He found that the leadership was not up to a level he found adequate. He also thought that as an alliance they were too heavily influenced by LUE. He left Farkistan after only ten days, on February 23, 2007.

The Phoenix Federation Edit

After leaving Farkistan JBone was a member of TF! until June 4, 2007 when TF! merged with COLD to form The Phoenix Federation. He became the first Minister of Defense for TPF and eventually took the position of EvilOverLord (which during his tenure he renamed "The Fire"). Upon Slayers return he became a Phoenix Magistrate before becoming an Ember, which is a semi-retired adviser to leadership in TPF.

He most enjoyed his time as Minister of Defense. War kept his interest more than anything and the job of Minister was both challenging and exciting for him.

JBone has proudly fought in every war that TPF has participated in.

Some of the most influential people he has met in TPF and TF! have been Slayer99, Muk4doo, clifclav, Geopet, and MaxSpirit. He has also enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet some of the "old guard" such as Philosopher, Daemon Vower, 404Error, TrotskysRevenge, and ElectronSponge.

His most memorable memory in TPF was receiving terms and ending the Karma War. He is proud that they gave their word to stand by the NPO and that they fulfilled that promise.

Looking Ahead Edit

JBone finds it hard to believe he's been here for almost three years. Yet his hopes for the future are high and has personal aspirations such as being a reliable member and helping to guide TPF to a better position in the world.

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