Ivanelterrible was for a time considered one the premier fighters of CN with a unfortunate (though entertaining) suicidal streak. He held several titles until his retirement, at various times being a senator for TOP, the Grand Hospitaller of TOP, and for a short while the minister of defense of \m/. He also was given several informal nicknames by various other national leaders, including "the most hardcore player in the game". He was rumored to be somewhat dyslexic.

Ivanelterrible ruled the nation Emirate of Dubaii, and joined The Order of the Paradox sometime in the summer of 2006. For many months Ivan was considered a valuable, if somewhat undistinguished, member of the alliance. His election the the position of senator (the lowest position in the TOP government at the time) would prove to be a turing point though. He was one of the forces that brought the NPO-TOP MDP into being, and alliance that would go on to change both groups futures. Near the end of the term, the first of several "incidents" that would define his career occured when KevintheGreat announced that a new policy of the GGA would be to war on unnaligned nations. Slightly ignorant of the geopolitical situation this announcement was made in context of, Ivan was enraged and declared his resignation from TOP, followed by a DoW on KevintheGreat (and by extension the GGA and their MDP partners the NPO). Managing to anarchy the GGA leader, Ivan was soon overwhelmed by NPO counterattacks, and surely would have been ZI'd if not for growing diplomatic support he was gaining on the CN forums. The incident ended with KevintheGreat offering a white peace to Ivan and the GGA's policy being overturned, perhaps putting it in the category of the few "successful" rogue attacks.

Ivan rejoined TOP at this point, but was stripped of his position of senator as punishment. However, the next election he was elected to the even higher position of Grand Hospitaller, showing that TOP had "forgiven" him. During this time, Ivan was instrumental to both the signing of the World Unity Treaty and preparing TOP for the coming conflict that would be Great War II, though some have argued he was one of the main reasons intense factionalism began to develop within the alliance. After the successful conclusion of GWII he considered running for grandmaster but recanted his candidacy, signaling his decline of importance in TOP politics.

While Ivan no longer was relevant in terms of inter TOP policies to the degree he once was, he continued to become more well known to the general CN world on large. During a FAN sponsored gladiator contest, Ivan participated in every single round and won ever single challanger who came before him, many with far larger nations then his own. These made his reputation as one of the most skilled fighters in the game.

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