Ivan Mikhail Zhukov
Ivan Zhukov

1st Chairman of the ECSR
3rd Chairman of the Union of Europe
In office
July 1, 2048 – January 15, 2053
Preceded by Leonard Sekorskikh (as Interim Chairman of Europe)
Succeeded by Incumbent

2nd Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the UESR
In office
January 3, 2040 – January 15, 2048
Preceded by Anton Mikhail
Succeeded by Leonard Sekorskikh (as Interim Chairman of Europe)

3rd President of the Presidium of the UESR
In office
July 16, 2035 – January 1, 2040
Preceded by David Willbourne
Succeeded by Nikanor Vladisky

Born December 2 1993 (age 55)
Germany.png Berlin, Germany
Political party European Commonist Party
Spouse None
Religion Atheist

Bio[edit | edit source]

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1993, Zhukov was the son of two Russian immigrants from former East Germany, Nikanor and Maria Zhukov. Raised in the mid to late-2000s, Zhukov had been exposed to the conservative politics of Germany and to the ruling CDU as well as the ever changing European Union and the new Treaty of Lisbon. Zhukov's childhood had been heavily influenced by his parent's membership in the KPD (Communist Party of Germany) and their ridicule from others because of the membership. Unlike many of the former East Germans, Nikanor and Maria had wanted for the Democratic Republic to be restored, in order to begone with the conservative politics the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) dynasty was controlling at the time.

When Ivan was just 18, the European Republic was formed in 2011. This came as a shock to everyone around the world, and many viewed it as the "fourth superpower" after PR China, the United States, and the Russian Federation. This also highly influenced Zhukov's life as his parents were taken to jail because of their membership in the KPD, just like all other members of communist parties across Europe. To attempt at moving away from the communist witch hunts, Zhukov moved to a small town outside Koln, Hurth. There in 2012 he joined the small branch for the "United Democratic Workers Party of Europe", where he learned of a possible movement against the neo-con Republican government. In that same year, the United States collapsed caused a massive world-wide depression and the main economic center of the world to change from the United States to the new European Republic. Zhukov had little to nothing at this time, and so the Party became his main local provider, just like with many others.

Ivan Zhukov flew to the Second Congress of the United Democratic Workers Party of Europe in Paris in 2014 in which he listened to the speeches of Party leader Anton Mikhail, this is where he learned of the first fundamentals of Mikhailism. Because of the economic depression and the ever increasing prejudicial government and laws, Mikhail called for an uprising and an revolution started first with the UDWPE's branches overthrowing local governments and relying that citizens would rise up as well. Seeming like a crazy idea, the world had "gone to sh-t", as Mikhail said, the Party had nothing to lose and were aware at some point they would be all caught, arrested, jailed, then shot. It was the next year in which all would turn to hell.

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