Iunctus - Invicta Friendship Treaty

Flag of Invicta

Treaty Type: ToF
Treaty Signed: 17 March 2010
Treaty Inactive: 3 August 2010
Treaty Status: Inactive

The Iunctus - Invicta Friendship Treaty was a Treaty of Friendship between Iunctus and Invicta. It was announced 17 March 2010.

Text of the TreatyEdit

Article 1: honorabilisEdit

The members of both alliances will seek to maintain civil relations between them, and will work toward building a friendship. This includes showing respect and good will toward members of the other alliance at all times.

Article 2: Lapsus linguaeEdit

Although differences of opinions may exist and disagreements may occur, both alliances will maintain the ideal of the treaty and show respect by not flamebaiting, trolling, or insulting the other alliance.

Article 3: The Latin SpeakeasyEdit

Both alliances will not spy nor encourage spying against each other, and if one alliance receives information that indicates the other alliance is being spied on, it will pass that information to that alliance.

Article 4: iuvoEdit

In the event one alliance seeks aid or assistance, the other alliance is not required to give aid or assistance. However, it should not shock people if aid or assistance is given.

Article 5: Inter arma silent legesEdit

In the event an outbreak of war occurs, both alliances will seek to minimize the chances of engaging each other, or, failing that, to be respectful and friendly during the headbashing.

Article 6: oblitteroEdit

This treaty may be canceled after 5 days of notice.


Signed for Iunctus

  • St. Jimmy, Triumvir
  • sammykhalifa, Triumvir
  • nomadd917, Triumvir
  • Ty Glitchblade, Minister of Diplomacy

Signed for Invicta

  • Jorost of the Triune Republic, President
  • Learz, Vice President of Invicta
  • Buddyboyrollin of US2000, Minister of War
  • Imperial Sparta, Deputy Minister of War
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