Name change notice
This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as HeroesOfGaming.
The change took place as of October 2009.

Itova Information
Team Color: Black
Founded: April 15, 2009
IRC: #itova on Coldfront
Website: Forums
Alliance Government Positions
  • Coolgreen44
  • Hunterman1043
  • Gawz_One
  • Danizduhman
  • Rustoria
  • Rustoria
  • Exp_HoG
  • Kevin
  • Jebus

Formed on April 15, 2009, Itova was a small alliance based in the Black Sphere. They considered themselves closed knit, active, and based around growth. Itova later changed their name and became the third incarnation of the HeroesOfGaming alliance.

Itova AnnouncementsEdit

1. Declaration of Existence - 04-15-09
2. Declaration of War on the Ordinary Men Fighting Giants - 04-29-09

Itova War History Edit

WarWhoWar DecOutcome
Karma War Itova, TOP, and Umbrella vs. OMFG [1] Victory
Itova-Illini War Itova vs. Illini Empire None Victory

Itova CharterEdit

1st Charter of Itova - Was the first Charter of Itova, it came to an end on May 28. 2nd Charter of Itova - Currently In use. It was implemented on May 28, after a vote put forward by Coolgreen44.

Itova Foreign AffairsEdit

Itova GalleryEdit

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