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Official Flag of Italica

National Flag
Credere, Obbedire, Combattere
National Anthem
" Giovinezza "
Location of Italica
Capital City Littoria
Established 31/08/2009
Government Type Fascist Regime Fascist Regime
Nation Team Team: Black Black
Total population 21,094
Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
Currency Euro Euro
Nation Strength 5.924.973
Total Area 644.778 Nation Map

Doctrine of the Italian Fascism[]

The Italian Fascism is a modern political phenomenon. It is Nationalist, Revolutionary, Anti-Marxist, organized into a Party-Militia with a totalitarian conception of the State and an ideology sanctified as a secular religion, which asserts the absolute primacy of the Nation as a community ethnically homogeneous and hierarchically organized into a Corporate State. It has a warrior vocation for power and conquest, in order to create a New Roman Empire and a new civilizations.

The Duce[]

The Duce is the Head of State. He is elected by a majority of the members of the Grand Council of Fascism and his appointment is for life. The Duce is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Legions and the General Commander of MVSN. He represents the unity of the People of Italica and he's the living symbol of the Fascist Ideal. The Grand Council meetings are convened and chaired by the Duce himself. All decrees and laws could only be legalized by his approval. The current Duce is Matteo De Falco.

The Grand Council of Fascism[]


== Short History ==


The Grand Council of Fascism was the main body of Mussolini's Fascist Regime in Italy. A body which held and applied great power to control the institutions of Government, it was created as a Party-body in 1923 and became a State-body on 9 December 1928. The majority of the Grand Council ultimately voted on 25th July 1943 to depose Mussolini himself after several military defeats and the invasion of Sicily by the Allied Forces. The members of the Grand Council, with the intention of ending the disastrous alliance with the Nazi Germany, marked the fate of the last Fascist Regime. Now, as it was in the past, the Grand Council of Fascism is the most important political body of Italica.

400px-Gran Consiglio Fascismo


== Current members of the Gran Council of Fascism ==


The Duce

Matteo De Falco

The National Fascist Party Secretary

Luca D’Orazio

The Commander of MVSN

Consul General Marco Graziani

The Commander of OVRA

Vincenzo Lori

The President of the Special Tribunal

Fiorenzo Valeri

The Chief Department of War

Fieldmarschall Angelo Messe

The Chief Department of Foreign Affairs

Renato Foggia

The Chief Department of Education and Fascist Culture

Italo Boldi

The Chief Department of Welfare and Health Security

Marco Benvenuti

The Chief Department of Propaganda

Roberto Righi

The Chief Department of Economic Affairs

Alfredo Pertini

The Chief Department of Justice

Giorgio Saverio


The Gran Council of Fascism has the power to elect the National Fascist Party Secretary, to approve the Party’s Statute, to approve International Treaties, to direct the Party's policy, to choose possible successors to the Duce, to choose the membership of the Grand Council.