It's a Long Time Coming

United Sovereign Nations
Global Democratic Alliance

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: April 16, 2011
Treaty Status: Active

It's a Long Time Coming is a MDP between the United Sovereign Nations and Global Democratic Alliance. It was announced on April 16, 2011.

Text of the TreatyEdit


When signed this treaty is a symbol of continued cooperation and friendship between United Sovereign Nations and the Global Democratic Alliance. The signatories agree to uphold all principles held within this Mutual Defense Pact and continue their friendship.

Article I: IntelligenceEdit

It goes without saying that the signatories will not endorse or commit acts of espionage against one another. Additionally, each signatory agrees to inform the other if they receive information that may cause harm to the other or to both of them assuming it does not interfere with a previous agreement with another entity.

Article II: Non-AggressionEdit

If a member of either alliance attacks a member of the other, then both alliances will resolve the matter diplomatically.

Article III: Mutual DefenseEdit

Should either signatory be in need of defense the other signatory is required by this treaty to come to the aid of the other once they have been informed that their assistance is requested, whether it be through financial aid or military aid. However, if said aid is in violation of another agreement a solution by both parties should be sought after. Additionally, should the request for assistance arise from a prior obligation from another treaty the requesting signatory understands that the other is not obligated to help in this case.

Article IV: CancellationEdit

If one party wishes to cancel, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels at least 72 hours in advance. In the case that the treaty is canceled both alliances agree to 72 hours of non-aggression after the 72 hour cancellation period.


Signed for GDA

  • PopCap - President
  • sippyjuice - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • shadowkiller - Minister of Defense
  • LegoKid - Minister of Economics
  • BastardofGod - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • SCUDSanta - Minister of Recruitment
  • darkhjustice - Minister of Recruitment

Signed for USN

  • FluffyEwunga AKA Cora Mcstrap, Alliance Council
  • Rodrod, Alliance Council
  • Rylejed, Alliance Council
  • Rick, Security General
  • Beale947, Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Destroyer460, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Give Me Water, Minster of Economics
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