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Iosef Stalinski is the beloved Premier of the nation Stalinia. Iosef was one of the eight founders of the New Pacific Order in Cyber Nations. In NationStates he is known as Myrth. Not much is known about Iosef as he went inactive in the NPO fairly early on. During his time in NPO he fought in many wars, including the First Polar War, Citrus War, ICSN Debacle, Second Polar War, Warpstorm War and the Great Patriotic War before disappearing in the summer of 2006.

Founders of the New Pacific Order
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The Stabilizing Force of Francos Spain
Written by Myrth on Jul 14 2005

Tomorrow, at 07:39:57 BST it will be one year since Franco's last login. I think it is fair that the Pacific enters a 60 day long period of festival and remembrance of our Great Leader, Francos Spain, Emperor of the Pacific, culminating with a vigil on the day on which Francos Spain ceased to exist.

Franco rose up with the popular support of the citizens of the Pacific to overthrow the corrupt oligarchy of Thedoc's regime, and proceeded to purge the remnants of the previous government under which the Pacific had stagnated for so long. Under his guidance, the NPO was established and provided the first real, stable government of the region.

For a glorious year of enlightened government, Great Franco repeatedly protected the revolution, expelling wave after wave of subversives and thwarting many ADN invasions intended to destroy what had been accomplished, sending the invaders back to the Rejected Realms where they belong.

In tribute to Franco's inspired leadership, the spirit of the NPO lives on today in the form of the PRP. Scarce few governments can claim such longevity and stability. The Pacific continues to be, and forever shall be a model for all other regions to aspire to.

Hail Francos Spain! Glory to the NPO! Long Live the PRP!

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