Invicta be Jelly Accords

Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
The Legion

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: August 7th, 2012
Treaty Status: Active

The Invicta be Jelly Accords is an Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and The Legion. It was announced on August 7, 2012.

The Text of the TreatyEdit

Article 1: SovereigntyEdit

Both The Legion and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (henceforth to be referred to as CSN), agree that we are two different idiots. And by idiots we mean morons that do not take orders from anyone... even ourselves. Although sometimes from Invicta … maybe.

Article 2: Information and Security ClauseEdit

Should either Legion or CSN come across any juicy gossip or even an outright threat to the other alliance, it is said alliance's duty to share because sharing is caring. You hear that RIAA?

Article 3: Non-AggressionEdit

The Legion and CSN will never take an offensive act toward one another unless it involves the systematic rolling of the Legion, in which case it is welcomed and appreciated.

Article 4: FriendshipEdit

The Legion and CSN hereby vow to always treat each other with respect. Any offenders of this clause are subject to Liz's broomcloset. Trust me you do not want that.

5: Optional DefenseEdit

Should either alliance be subject to attack, the other alliance has the option to either roll the offender or just be chill and eat popcorn. Should Legion be the offender, the Legion has the right to defend CSN from the Legion.

Article 6: Optional OffenseEdit

Should either alliance be inclined to roll a third party, the other has the option to kick the third party in the junk as well if it so wishes. Any action getting Legion rolled through dog-piling is mandatory and Legion is welcome to hit Legion with CSN.

Article 7: CancellationEdit

Should Legion or CSN get bored with each other or steal the other's spouse, either party can cancel on the other party but not after consoling the other party and attempting to initiate make-up coitus. If neither work or do not resolve the issue, the canceling party must wait 48 hours make the decision public.


For the Commonwealth of Sovereign NationsEdit

  • Liz, Head of State, Driver of Slaves, ZI club Member, Head Woman of Nagging, Director of Raiding
  • SpacingOutMan, Deputy Head of State, Preacher of Lizism, Defender of Beward, The Commonwealth's Right Hand, The Commonwealth's Blue Balls
  • Gibsonator21, Minister of Defense, Former Best MoFA Ever, Keeper of the Red Button
  • Lennybronx, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz's main @#$%&, The man who holds the power
  • Jd252, Minister of Interior, Liz's slaveholder, The guy who cracks the whip.
  • Jasch, Director of Recruiting
  • Zoli, Director of Finance
  • Atrakki, Director of Education
  • Clash, UberUltraLord of Trades, Mangy Infra-Slut and Liz's Love Puppy, Aider-and-Abetter, and a Plethora of Pretty Pretty Pixels

For The LegionEdit

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