Invicta Cricket League
ICL Logo
Sport Cricket
Commissioner Atlashill
Participating Alliances Flag of InvictaInvicta
Date founded March 2010
Headquarters L-Town, Kansouri
Number of Teams Ten
Current Champion None (first season)
Most Successful None (first season)
Regular Season Format Double Round-Robin
Playoff Format None
Championship Cup Thomas Becket Cup
Current Season 2010 ICL Season

The Invicta Cricket League (abbreviated ICL) is a league comprised of teams in the Invicta alliance who compete in the sport of Cricket. The league was founded in March 2010 and consists of ten teams. Teams will play each other twice in Twenty20 competition, during the regular season which runs from April through July. The championship cup, the Thomas Becket Cup, will be awarded to the team who, at the end of the season, has the most wins. In the event of a tie, the team who scores the most runs per over will be crowned champion.

The ICL is the first sporting league to be organised within Invicta and expands upon the alliance's Kentish roots. Kent's Weald region, outside the county town of Maidstone, is fabled to be one of the earliest places where cricket was played, at about the start of the 14th century.

The inaugural season began on 1 April 2010, with all ten teams competing before an average of 2500 fans each. For most spectators, it was considered a welcome spectacle following months of war and subsequent rebuilding. Most teams competed in reconstructed baseball or football stadia, adjusting bleachers to account for the centrally located bowling pitch. Many of the players are war veterans, with only a handful having prior Test match and One-Day International experience. Several players from Pflugerville previously played for their national baseball team, which has made them one of the favourites to win the first Becket Cup.


The ICL has received mixed reviews from sport fans across Invicta, many of whom are more knowledgeable of the North American sports of American football, Baseball and Basketball. Even club owners have expressed added confusion concerning the intricacies of cricket, at times not being able to find correlation to baseball.


Ten teams have been granted membership in the ICL, and are all sponsored by their nation's respective Invicta Cricket Club (ICC).

Side Home Stadium City, Nation Captain
Kansouri Kommandos Buck O'Neil Memorial Stadium L-Town, Kansouri Rick Darby
Santaland Sleighers Workshop of Doom Santaville, Santaland
Sir Glen's Normans Meritokrati Field Kantstantinople, Noumenonopolis
Pflugerville Hoob Ninjas Hoob Ninja Field Rip City, Pflugerville
Vaticana Sitting Ducks Jive Coliseum Ghalyune Khoshghel, Sonata Vaticana
Riverwest Fighting Hipsters Gordon Park Riverwest, Brewtown Empire
Rotty's Mellow Woofers Der Rottweilerfeld The Gorge, Giggle
LA Riots The Invictatorium California, Linkkjm Republic Kevin "King" Arthur
Whitechapel Rippers Old Stafford Canterbury, Triune Republic Aaron Kosminski
Canadian Eccentrics Lavigne Sports Centre Kaan, Arikaan
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