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|score = 18.95
|score = 18.95
'''Invicta''', formerly and formally '''Regnum Invictorum''', is a [[Red team history|Red team]] alliance (formerly [[Purple team history|Purple]]) founded by Dawny and DoubleU of [[Novus Orbus]] on 26 May 2007. They were then joined by ex-Novus Orbus members, Steve927 and King Hobbs, along with Synagence of [[Illuminati]].
'''Invicta''', formerly '''Regnum Invictorum''', is an alliance on the [[Red team history|Red]] trading sphere (formerly of [[Purple team history|Purple]]), created by Dawny and DoubleU, formerly of the alliance [[Novus Orbus]], on 26 May 2007. They were later joined by fellow ex-Novus Orbus members Steve927 and King Hobbs and Synagence from the [[Illuminati]].
==Government Structure==
==Government Structure==
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