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Invicta-Athens PIAT

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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 1/1/2009
Treaty Canceled: 8/29/2009
Treaty Status: Canceled

The Invicta-Athens PIAT was a PIAT between Athens and Invicta. It was announced on January 1, 2009, and canceled on August 29, 2009.

Text of the Treaty[]


To further affirm our appreciation for one another, Invicta and Athens agree to the following:

Article One[]

Invicta and Athens recognize one another as sovereign alliances and our members will treat each other with the appropriate respect in all public areas. Efforts will be taken by both sides to maintain consistent and productive dialogue.

Article Two[]

Members of Invicta and Athens agree to not attack one another. In the event one alliance's nation attacks a nation belonging to the other alliance, both alliances shall order the attacking nation to offer peace and reparations within 24 hours. Should the attacking nation refuse to comply, the offending nation's alliance shall remove the nation from their ranks and commence retaliatory strikes alongside the other alliance.

Article Three[]

Members of Invicta and Athens agree to share intelligence critical to the other alliance's safety. They also agree to not conduct espionage on one another. The sources of intelligence transferred under this clause may be kept confidential.

Article Four[]

This treaty, upon ratification, shall last until such time that one or both parties believe this treaty is no longer necessary. In that case, advance notice of 72 hours is required before formally dissolving this treaty. In the event violations of Articles Two or Three are unresolved sufficiently, this treaty may be dissolved without advance notice.


For Invicta,

  • Atlashill of Kansouri, President (Also, Blush.gif Dawny Blush.gif )
  • Jorost of Triune Republic, Vice President
  • Haflinger of Llonach, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Waltar of OoogaBoooga, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Scythegfx of Anarcasia, Minister of War

For Athens,

  • Londo Mollari, Archon eponymos
  • Compstomper, Archon eponymos
  • Rsoxbronco1, Archon basileus
  • Jgoods45, Theorodokos