Interstellar Wolf with Claws War
Date September 21st - November 17th, 2018
Casus belli Canik's percieved hostility from General Kanabis and COBRA
Result White Peace
Preceded by
FTW-Kashmir War
Succeeded by
Freehold of The Wolves & Allies

COBRA & Allies

Dragonwolfnovawar.png: 86 Nations

Snx war flag.png: 36 Nations

CLAWS 2.png: 147 Nations

COBRA.png: 22 Nations

Flag of Kashmir.jpg: 47 Nations

White Peace declared

The Interstellar Wolf with Claws War (Referred to by COBRA as the Occupation of COBRA) was a war between the Freehold of the Wolves, Imperium of Supernova X, CLAWS and COBRA in the aftermath of the FTW-Kashmir War.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

After the FTW-Kashmir War ended, both sides remained antipathetic to one other.

FTW and their leader, Canik, felt that General Kanabis took to Discord to try and provoke Canik by saying terrible things about him to try and get him to retaliate. Canik alleged that General Kanabis attempted to undermine the Freehold of the Wolves' relationship with IRON. Canik was convinced convinced that General Kanabis would attack any chance he got, and assembled his Council of Archons who decided that the Freehold of the Wolves would attack COBRA pre-emptively. Before announcing his decision to Planet Bob, Canik secured the backing of Supernova X and CLAWS. When he received their backing, he officially announced to Planet Bob that he would not stand for General Kanabis's insults and declared war on COBRA.

War[edit | edit source]

The war began officially on September 21st, 2018. The initial invasion by FTW, SNX, & CLAWS was successful. When COBRA was able to regroup, they pushed them back and were able to do a great deal of damage to FTW, SNX, & CLAWS' smaller nations. The war would end up going back and forth between both sides for weeks. Neither side would move an inch. The fighting was intense. Billions of dollars used. Millions died. Nukes destroyed much. Warchests depleted. Economies destroyed and nations were crushed.

Peace Talks[edit | edit source]

After several weeks of fighting, Canik reached out to General Kanabis to talk peace. General Kanabis refused several times to talk peace. When he did accept the offer to talk peace, he remained defiant and almost ended peace talks before they began. By October 15th, General Kanabis informed Canik that he would not talk peace until after Halloween. When Halloween ended, peace talks resumed. The talks lasted for 2 weeks. On November 17th, 2018, peace was officially declared.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The war took a significant toll on both sides. Many of the smaller nations on both sides were heavily impacted. When the war ended, ANiMaLz, who are enemies of COBRA, decided that they wanted to merge with the Freehold of the Wolves because they had stood up to COBRA and held their ground against COBRA. The merger became official in December 2018.

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