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Charter of the Internet Superheroes[]

I - Preamble[]

2009: The Internet, still mostly untamed, is a modern wild west. Crime is rampant, and vigilantism is all that stands in its path.

...But from the darkness, came hope. A group of heroes. A group of Internet Superheroes. Banding together to defeat injustice in the name of good.

Internet Superheroes is a Pink sphere alliance, with the aim of defeating baddies and making its members into killing machines. The Internet Superheroes know one set of laws: the laws contained in this charter.

II. Membership and Rights[]

a. Acceptance to the ranks of the Internet Superheroes will be determined by how well applicants measure up on the Superhero Scale.

b. Heroes have the right to leave the alliance at anytime, so long as they don't have an unpaid tab. 72 hours notice is required of government members.

c. Heroes have the right to be punished fairly for their screw-ups. Internal Affairs is responsible for dealing with such punishment.

III. Alliance Structure and Government[]

a. The Internet Superheroes consists of two bodies: the executive body, led by the Triumvirate, and the legislative body, the Heroes Council, consisting of all the Heroes.

b. The Lord of Lolitics is responsible for foreign affairs, including the maintaining and furthering of relationships with outside alliances. The Lord of Nightmares is responsible for internal affairs, which is day to day affairs within the alliance including finance, admissions, and membership. The Master of Army, Intelligence and Murder (MAIM) is responsible for military affairs, which includes military preparedness and turning new members into killing machines.

c. In the unlikely event that a Trium resigns or is voted out by a Vote of No Confidence, the remaining Triums shall choose a replacement.

d. Triums will appoint assistants where necessary to help with the execution of tasks.

e. The Heroes Council consists of every active member of the Internet Superheroes. Active is defined as, logging into the forums and checking into the military section weekly. The Heroes Council has the power to vote on certain issues as defined by this charter. All votes will last for a period of 48 hours then be counted as a completed vote.

i. Vote of No Confidence for a Trium requires 75%+1.
ii. War Measures requires 60%+1.
iii. The Heroes Council may vote on any issue as a recommendation to the Trium. This recommendation will be strongly considered when the Trium makes the final decision.
iv. Charter Amendments require 90%+1.