International Confederacy of Nations
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Lee Black
Founded 9th July 2007
Leader(s) Grand Vizier Emperor Joshimus
  • Sultan: Sir OJ
  • Vizier of Defence: JDodge
  • Vizier of Domestic Affairs and Recruitment: Sapient Homo
  • Vizier of Foreign Affairs: Brock
  • Treasurer: Sir OJ
  • Chief Justice: Chancellor Mainzer
International relations Yes

AllianceStats Statistics as of September 12th, 2007

Total Nations 16
Strength 90,539
Avg. Strength 5,659
Nukes 3
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The International Confederacy of Nations is a small alliance of the blue team.

International RelationsEdit

The ICN has diplomatic relations with the following alliances:

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