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Internal Affairs Operations
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers
Chief of Media
Chief of Mentoring
Chief of Recruitment
Chief of Red Services
Maintenance of the Internal Affairs departments of the Order

For the previous incarnation, see Council Pacifica.

The Internal Affairs Operations department emerged following the dissolution of the Council Pacifica. The Internal Affairs Operations department took over the old Council duties and expanded into new areas, bringing several department heads under one umbrella for the first time.


With these changes, the structure of IAOps is as follows:

  • Imperial Officer(s) of Internal Affairs
    • Chief of Media Affairs
      • Broadcasting Division
      • Graphics Division
      • Pacifican Library
      • Star Guard
      • Wiki Division
      • Writing Division
    • Chief of Mentoring
      • House Sitter Guard
      • Mentor Corps
    • Chief of Recruitment
      • Recruiting Corps
    • Chief of Red Services
      • Red Services


The department came about through discussions with the Body Republic on the future of the Revolutionary Council. This was not an uncommon thing, as there had been many discussions in the past over its future—whether to disband it or give it more powers, attempts to redefine its role in the alliance, and so on. Things came to a head on July 15, 2010, when the Imperial Officers and Council put a motion to the Body Republic to redefine completely the way the Council operated. It involved axing the Council as it had been known, and instituting a new body - the Internal Affairs Operations group.

The new department would consist of three people, who would be drawn from the heads of the Recruiting Corps, the Mentor Corps, and an electable position, entitled "Chief of Public Services," who could oversee Red Services, the Star Guard, the House Sitter Guard, and the Library.

The Article IV vote to amend the Charter passed successfully, and the first elections for the position of Chief of Public Services were held at the end of July.

On June 22, 2011 the Media Corps was moved under Internal Affairs and the Media Coordinator position was renamed the Chief of Media and is now in the Internal Affairs Operations.

Another shuffle occurred on November 13, 2011, when Kean's resignation from Chief of Public Services invited a review of IA's structure. Public Services was dissolved and its constituent departments were moved to other places in Internal Affairs Operations. The Star Guard and the Library were both moved under the Chief of Media Affairs, the House Sitter Guard was moved under the Chief of Mentoring, and a new position called Chief of Red Services was created with Jrenster as its inaugural holder to recognize his development of the department.

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