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Inta is a Uralican city, the second-smallest settlement in the nation with such status (ahead of Veliski), and one of two major centres within Northeast Uralica county (the other being Vorkuta). It was also the seat of the Samoyedic Tribal Board, but has since moved to Salyakharad. It was a major focal point in the Vorkuta Or Bust political movement, as it is the last major centre before the movement's namesake city on a long rail route, which has since been supplemented by Highway UH-1.

It has long been a source of iron ore, and also provides Uralica with a source of manganese and manganese ore. Surprisingly, there is also a decent agriculture sector in the area, and that brings with it food production as well. The construction of heavy equipment, metallurgy of iron and manganese, mining and processing of non-metallic minerals, and hi-tech R&D are also found. Retail isn't particularly large, only just meeting Uralican city requirements - most retail in Northeast Uralica is found in Vorkuta.


Inta water tower

Inta's Brick Water Tower

Although founded by Russians, nowadays, the settlement is largely inhabited by Uralic peoples, with only 20% of the current population claiming Russian ethnicity. The largest group is the Komi, whose historical territory Inta sits within. There are also large numbers of Finns. There were decent numbers of Nenets, Samoyedics, and Saami, but the Nenets mostly moved north (mainly to Naryan-Mar), the Samoyedics went east (mainly to Khanto, Salyakharad, and Lapyt-Nank), and the Saami went west (to Sapmi county).

There are a few notable points of tourist interest. One of these is the old Samoyedic Tribal Board office, which has since been refashioned into a museum of Samoyedic culture, with works of folk art and modern art, music, and writing by Nenets, Selkup, Nganasan, and Enets-speaking people. Since the city was formed around a gulag, there is a memorial to victims of gulags in the area, as well as a national monument based around what is left of the original camp. Finally, there is a surprisingly elegant brick water tower in the city, inside which is a small visitor centre.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Inta


  • Progress Inta


  • FK Inta-II
  • Inta Kickers

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Inta
  • Sever Inta
  • Polyarny Inta
  • Torpedo Inta
  • Zenit Inta
  • Severnaya Zvezda Inta
  • Bolak Inta
  • MIFK Inta
  • Gornyak Inta
  • Zheleznik Inta
  • Lokomotiv Inta
  • Transit Inta
  • Ural Inta
  • Metallurg Inta
  • Intan JK
  • Allianssi Inta
  • Komi FK Inta
  • Nenets FK Inta


  • Inta Bandyklub

Ice Hockey[]

  • HK Inta


  • Intan KPK

Cross-Country Skiing[]

  • Inta Cross-Country and Biathlon Club

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Verkhnyaya Inta
  • Dal'niy