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Infinity Institute
The Institute
Alliance Affiliation: The Infinity Alliance
Motto: Ex Pertinacia Scientia
Motto in English: From Determination, Knowledge
Established: June 20, 2009
Type: Quasi-Private
Director of Infinity Institute FA_Hayek
Dean of the School of Economics FA_Hayek
Dean of the School of History Ichabod
Infinity Institute website

The Infinity Institute was founded as a private training ground for members of The Infinity Alliance by FA_Hayek. After the creation of the new Infinity Constitution, the Institute became apart of the alliance structure, to better serve the alliance as a whole.

The current Director of Infinity Institute is FA_Hayek.


Infinity Institute is organized as a school of training for members of the Infinity Alliance. All members are encouraged to obtained what is known as a G.E.D. within the alliance. A G.E.D. from Infinity Institute requires members to take five different courses on several different topics (Economics, History, and Philosophy amongst others) which teach newer members important information regarding Cybernations. One can also obtain a G.E.D. by obtaining a certain NS (10,000 at press).


Infinity Institute operates six schools.

  • The School for Freshman
  • The School of Economics
  • The School of History
  • The School of Military Science (Established on November 2)
  • The School of Philosophy
  • The School of Public Policy

Each school serves a primary purpose and is ran by a Dean. FA_Hayek is currently the only person holding one of the Dean positions (Dean of the School of Economics).

School for Freshman[]


The School for Freshman contains level 101 courses from the original five schools. The School for Freshman is set up for those who wish to obtain their G.E.D. in Cybernations basic knowledge. All of the lessons, except the Public Policy lesson, was written by FA_Hayek. The Public Policy lesson was written by Zenith.

School of Economics[]


The School of Economics is currently lead by FA_Hayek. It contains information regarding Technology, Improvements, and Wonders found on Cybernation.

School of History[]


The School of History is currently in the stages of being set up by the Institute.

School of Military Science[]


The School of Military Science is currently being set up by the Director of Infinity United.

The School of Philosophy[]


The School of Philosophy is currently being set up by FA_Hayek.

The School of Public Policy[]


The School of Public Policy is currently being set up by the Insitute.

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