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Treaty Type: Declaration of Neutrality
Treaty Signed: 07/07/2009
Treaty Inactive: 01/01/2010
Treaty Status: Inactive

The Declaration of Neutrality of The Infinity Alliance was the foreign policy of the alliance from its founding until January 1, 2010. On January 1, the alliance dropped neutrality and signed an NAP with the CCC.

The following is the Infinity Alliance Neutrality Treaty:


We the People of The Infinity Alliance, striving to promote peace and affluence within our own organization, do hereby declare ourselves politically, philosophically, and militarily neutral, having been compelled to remain impartial to foreign affairs.

Definition of Terms[]

The Infinity Alliance = TIA, "The People of Infinity", "Infinity Nation", Infinity

The Infinity International Court System = Court

Signatory = "You"

Section I: Non-Interventionist (aka: Ron Paul FA FTW)[]

a. The People of Infinity shall maintain a peaceful demeanor and shall not use military nor conduct any espionage operations on another nation.

b. A nation of Infinity is permitted to fight defensively, in the event of a rogue attack.

c. The People of Infinity shall not intervene militarily or politically in any conflict that does not directly involve The Infinity Alliance or an Infinity nation.

Section II: Free Trade (aka: We have milk, you have eggs – lets make cake!)[]

a. Any nation within The Infinity Alliance may freely engage and seek tech trade, resource trade and foreign aid with outside nations.

b. TIA shall not restrict trade between two consenting parties for any circumstance.

Section III: Violations (aka: How to Screw Up this Sweet Deal)[]

a. Should any Infinity nation choose to act against the Neutrality laws set forth by this alliance, said nation will be subject to the appropriate punishment and reparations, as dictated by the Court.

b. If a nation in a signatories alliance attacks us, they or there alliance will be responsible to pay reparations as determined by the Court.

Section IV: Agreement (aka: Why Can't We Be Friends Section)[]

a. This Treaty of Neutrality is an agreement between TIA and you alone.

b. By signing this treaty, you agree to honor our commitment to be neutral by not attacking us, flaming us, baiting us, spying on us, etc.


The Infinity Alliance[]

Zeneth, Triv

President Huffington, Triv

FA_Hayek, Triv

Green Old Party[]

Signed on July 7, 2009

Rekh127, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

Samwise, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Rooman33, Triumvir of Military Affairs

Flying Hellfish United[]

Signed on July 16, 2009


North Atlantic Treaty Organization[]

Signed on July 31, 2009

Signed by Devo of NATO also Signed by Bigbull of NATO

Signing Comment: May we always fluff in peace.