Imperial Rainbow Pact

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
The Imperial Order

Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: August 5, 2009
Treaty Terminated: September 20, 2009
Treaty Status: Defunct

1. We won't get into fights with eachother, kk?Edit

The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA) and The Imperial Order (TIO) agree to maintain a stance of hospitality towards each other and will not under any circumstances engage in hostile activity against another.

2. I'll tell you if someone is gonna get you hurtzorsEdit

If one party is endagered the other party is obligated to tell the other of all relevant information regarding the security of the other.

3. If you forget your sandwitch you can borrow my cookiesEdit

If another party requires political or financial aid, said party may request the other party for assistance. However, if the other party chooses not to accept the other's request, it is in their own right to do so.

4. Let's share our toys!Edit

Both signatories are encouraged to participate in the practice of tech dealing and trading with the others. Both parties' Financial Leaders are encourage to coordinate these.

5. Well what if we grow out of our friendship?Edit

This pact may be cancelled 48 ours after informing the other party of their wishes to cancel.


/s/ for MCXA,
Doctor Fresh, Chancellor
Gopherbashi, Chancellor
Mr Damsky, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bryn1030, Minister of Finance
Bobo the Monkey, Minister of the Interior
Draggie, Minister of Defense (acting)
TIinPA, Member at Large
NeuralLink, Member at Large

/s/ for TIO,
Tsar: Skippy
Executive Royal Guard: Scorponok
Royal Guard of Interior: Raydin
Royal Guard of Exterior: John Mathews
Bojar of FA: Rotavele
Bojar of IA: Jumperbeast13
Bojar of Defense: Flying Squirrel
Bojar of Economics: Razorade
Bojar of Membership: King Alias

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