Kaiserlichen Beobachter
Imperial Observer
Type Daily Newspaper
Format Compact
Owner Imperial Government of Großgermania
Founded 12 December 2008
(1946 as Neues Deutschland)
Headquarters Berlin
Circulation 7,601,855 daily

The Imperial Observer is a daily newspaper publication in Berlin, which is circulated nationally across Großgermania. Owned by the Imperial Government of Großgermania, it is published in both German (as Kaiserlichen Beobachter) and English.

History Edit

The Observer was founded as Neues Deutschland in 1946. The official newspaper of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), Neues Deutschland was used as a propaganda tool for the newspaper in the German Democratic Republic, where it was the second largest newspaper in the country with a daily circulation of over a million.

Following the reunification of Germany in 1990, the readership of Neues Deutschland decreased sharply. Maintaining a socialist viewpoint throughout the years of German capitalism, the newspaper became the official newspaper of the German National Unionist Party (DNUP) when it was formed by the merger of the SED with the National Democratic Party of Germany. When the DNUP united with its satellite parties to form the National Unionist Party of Greater Germania (NUPG), it became the newspaper of that party. Renamed Kaiserlichen Beobachter upon the creation of Großgermania, the newspaper immediately began publishing an English version in order to help promote the unification process worldwide.

As the most widely-distributed and largest newspaper by content in the People's Empire, the Observer gains a daily circulation of over seven and a half million, mostly throughout Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Helvetica.

Gallery Edit

The following is a gallery of front pages of the Imperial Observer.

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