This alliance has disbanded as of January 30, 2006.
Imperial Nations Coalition
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Ninja and Chris Miller
Founded January 14, 2006
Other Officials Ninja and Chris Miller
International relations Antagonistic with GATO

Description and History Edit

INC was a green team alliance dating to January, 2006. It was founded and ruled by Ninja and Chris Miller, and was for a time the largest and most powerful alliance on Planet Bob, but had no flag, motto, nor government structure.

INC fought an indecisive war against GATO for hegemony of the early cyberverse, called World War One.

On January 27 at 4:00 a.m., shortly after the war's conclusion, Schmerdro resigned from INC, to be followed by Jormungand at 5:00 p.m. and by hen3ry at 7:00 p.m. on the 28th. The resignation of these three powerful nations resulted in a loss of confidence towards INC by many of its other members. Others left over the next two days, during which time neither Ninja nor Chris Miller made an appearance on the main Cyber Nations forum.

On January 30 INC ceased to exist.

Members Edit

INC's membership at the time of the war with GATO was:

Charter Edit

The INC is a group of nations that want to work together. One nation by itself can easily be destroyed. Many nations working together can end wars quickly and bring peace to the world. As more nations join, INC will become more powerful. As we get more powerful, less nations will go to war with us. the INC is like a colt 45, a peace-maker!

Below is a list of INC rules for members.

1. A member of INC can never declare war on any other member of INC.

2. A member should always send their army to the defense of a fellow INC member.

3. INC is a fighting alliance, but only fights nations that START war with current members. We want peace. LIKE NUKES, THE INC IS A WAR DETERRENT, NOT A WAR TOOL! [that does not mean that we are scared of fighting, or that we will not fight. if someone starts somthing with us, we will finish it!]

4. CATO has asked us not to (steal) their members... so if you want to join INC, you cannot be a member of CATO. And if you want to join CATO, then you must not be a member of INC. thanks.

That’s all the rules for the time being. Thanks, Ninja.
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