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Imperial Monarchist Party
Imperial Monarchistisch Partei
IMP Logo
Founded10th May 2009
Political positionCentre-right
DirectorAlfred von Schlieflen,
Princess Victoria,
Official colors      Black
Seats in the
- Reichstag

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The Imperial Monarchist Party, often shortened to IMP or just Monarchists are a centre-right political party in the German Empire. Founded at the start of 2009, they has been seen since then the dominant party of the Reichstag. It recently run a landslide election campaign in October 2009, where it gained an absolute majority in the Reichstag.

The party currently has 14 members, and is led by a triumvirate of decision-makers - Alfred von Schliefen, Highlanderr, and Princess Victoria. These three are responsible for making general decisions regarding the party, and debating ideas for bills to be placed before the public.

Imperial Monarchist Party does not play any part, nor is it active, in The German Empire