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Imperial Academy
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers Loucifer
Schoolmasters Soly
Faculty Dean Gandroff,Freezerbite
Education of new recruits on what it means to be a Pacifican; evaluation of new recruits on their official entry to the Order; answering of any questions and doubts recruits may have with the Order.

The Imperial Academy of the New Pacific Order is an institution that has the final say on which recruits may enter the alliance and which recruits may not. The Academy is where recruits study on everything that has to do with the Order, from Francoism to our Emperor TrotskysRevenge and when recruits feel ready they will then take an exam where all that they have learned will be tested to the limit. The recruits are only fully accepted as members of the Order when they pass the said exam.

Loucifer is the Imperial Officer in charge of the Academy and as such is in charge of the Academy and all it's staff. Soly fulfills the role of schoolmaster, a position where he takes a more direct path as to how the Academy is run, the oversight of lessons (and their updating) as well as the general maintenance of the Academy.