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Imperator of
The Legion
Imperator Seal
Seal of the Imperator

since 14 July 2021
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderImperial
Formation22 April 2009

The Imperator serves as the chief executive of the Legion. The Imperator controls all aspects of the alliance aside from anything specified within the Charter. Once the Imperator is selected, the Imperator will stay in power until he/she resigns or is removed. The Imperator faces a Confirmation Vote every four months. In this vote, the membership will choose whether to keep the Imperator or remove him/her out of office. The Imperator must pass with a majority to remain in office.

Powers of the Office[]

The Imperator is granted all the powers not specifically denied to it or delegated to another Charter-defined position. The explicitly defined powers of the office are:

  • Ability to set membership admission criteria (along with the Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs)
  • Appointment and removal of Consulate officials
  • Ability to declare war and obtain peace
  • Ability to declare an aggressive war in the most dire of circumstances
  • Reserve power to punish or expel a Legion member for a serious crime

Oversight and Veto Power[]

The affairs of the Imperator and government are monitored by the Office of the Inspector General. The Inspector General acts as a gatekeeper in the Vote of No Confidence process in determining whether the removal of a government official is warranted or not. To check the powers of the Imperator, the Consulate retains a veto power over executive decisions. In order to veto an imperial decision, the Consulate must rule against the decision with at least a 3/4 vote.


Succession of the Imperator is governed by the Legion Charter. In the event the Imperator resigns, they must appoint a replacement. If the Imperator fails the triannual confirmation vote, an outgoing Imperator does not select a replacement, or if that replacement declines the position, an election is to be held to elect a new Imperator to office.

Imperator Emeritus[]

Imperator Emeritus is an honorary title bestowed to former Imperators of the Legion who have served with distinction. The title was established during the transition from the first and second Imperators. The title normally has legal standing or powers associated with it, being only an honorary title. However, as a result of a May 2015 charter amendment, the Imperatores Emeriti select two from among them to serve on the Consulate.

Imperators of The Legion[]

Emperor Assumed office Abdicated Tenure Other titles
Imperial 22 April 2009 1 February 2010 285 days Imperial Overlord of The Legion
Hubb 1 February 2010 2 July 2010 151 days The Hubbanator
Watcher 2 July 2010 23 February 2011 236 days The Patron Saint of Beer
Eternal Imperator
Totem 23 February 2011 9 January 2012 320 days
Alexander Kerensky 9 January 2012 20 May 2012 132 days
killer04 20 May 2012 31 January 2013 256 days
TzarRob 31 January 2013 13 August 2013 194 days
bjalbert 13 August 2013 23 July 2014 253 days
Regent Pancras 23 July 2014 22 January 2015 274 days
CodFCS 23 January 2015 25 April 2015 92 days
Konkrage 25 April 2015 27 July 2016 459 days
deathbiter 27 July 2016 14 July 2021 1,813 days
Xineoph 14 July 2021 Present 1,097 days