There are a variety of images used by Bobogoobo. These include flags, logos, the Supreme Ruler's official pictures, and various other images. (All images were created by User:Bobogoobo unless otherwise noted.)

Flags[edit | edit source]

Bobogoobo has a national flag, province flags, and has used various flags for international display.

National flag[edit | edit source]

See also: Bobogoobo#National Flag

The official national flag of Bobogoobo represents many aspects of the nation and was intentionally created in a somewhat old-looking style. There is also an alternate square version for display at smaller sizes.

Flag of Bobogoobo.svg
The official national flag.
Flag of Bobogoobo square.svg
Square version.

Province flags[edit | edit source]

See also: Provinces of Bobogoobo

Each province has its own flag, designed by a local artist. Each flag represents something about the province, its values, and its relationships to the other provinces and the nation as a whole.

Bobogoobo (Province) Flag.svg
Flag of Bobogoobo Province.
Viisbya Flag.svg
Flag of Viisbya Province.
Halrloprillalar Flag.svg
Flag of Halrloprillalar Province.
Spiralice Flag.svg
Flag of Spiralice Province.
Highwind Flag.svg
Flag of Highwind Province.

City flags[edit | edit source]

The only city in Bobogoobo to have a flag so far is Halrloprillalar City, the capital and largest city. The flag was designed by O'Goobo, whose palace is there.

Halrloprillalar (City) Flag.svg
Halrloprillalar City Flag.

Other flags[edit | edit source]

There are not currently any other flags specific to Bobogoobo, but prior to the creation of Bobogoobo's official national flag, it used several other flags to represent itself, depending on its current situation.

Bobogoobo's current secondary flag,
flag of the New Pacific Order.

O'Goobo's images[edit | edit source]

Supreme Ruler Robert O'Goobo XXIV has several personal images. Many were created for a specific alliance or with a specific theme.

Avatars[edit | edit source]

General avatar created by Da DreadLord.
Bobo TSP avatar.jpg
TSP avatar created by kingkill1776.
Bobo TSP avatar2.jpg
TSP avatar with O'Goobo's positions,
created by kingkill1776.

Signatures[edit | edit source]

Bobo NPO sig.png

New Pacific Order sig, made by Lord of Darkness and Kean.
Bobo ADI sig.png
Aqua Defense Initiative sig, made by QuiteBizarre.
Bobo TIO sig.png
First TIO sig, created by Scorponok.
Bobo TIO sig2.png
Second TIO sig, created by Scorponok.
Bobo TDO sig.jpg

First TDO sig, made by Goldenzelda2000.
Bobo TDO sig2.jpg

TDO sig with a Halloween theme, made by Goldenzelda2000.

National images[edit | edit source]

Other images used within the nation.

Bobogoobo signature.svg
O'Goobo's signature.
Quinncunx signature.png
Quinncunx Bloom's signature, created by him.

Logos[edit | edit source]

Not very many of Bobogoobo's companies and other groups are documented yet, so there are not many images in this category.

Bobogoobo ccTLD.svg
Logo of Bobogoobo's ccTLD, .bb.

Other images[edit | edit source]

There are no other notable images to put in this category at the moment, though some can be seen on Bobogoobo's various pages.

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