Illuminati War
Date February 29 - March 28, 2008
Casus belli Illuminati plotting against the Continuum
Result Illuminati surrenders and pays reparations
Preceded by
Continuum-GPA War
Succeeded by
Wolfpack War

Common Defense Treaty


The SuperFriends Superfriends logothirdv2

Nations: 309
Nukes: 26
Total NS: 1,876,451
Nations: 1,947
Nukes: 1545
Total NS: 20,394,411
*Ragnarok is a member of both the Common Defense Treaty and The SuperFriends.

The Illuminati War was a coordinated attack by several alliances belonging to the Common Defense Treaty and the SuperFriends against Illuminati (TNWO) that began on Leap Day, February 29, 2008. The casus belli largely revolved around a leaked discussion thread in the TNWO government forum in which Terry Howard stated his intent to join the Continuum-GPA War primarily against Sparta as it was believed in TNWO that they were on the Sparta's "hit list" (although the idea was rejected by the government). The information was leaked by a former member who was never de-masked from their forums.

Alternate namesEdit

  • SuperFriends/CDT-Illuminati War
  • CDT-Illuminati War
  • Operation EDICT
  • Leap Day Offensive

Casus BelliEdit

  • Terry Howard made plans to join the war in support of GPA in opposition to the NPO and Sparta although this was later dropped and rejected by the government.
  • King of Sparta, an ex big-biz member under the Illuminati AA attacked Dawny, the President of Invicta, and Moo, the NPO Emperor. Illuminati government threatened Invicta members who countered King of Sparta.
  • Illuminati has repeatedly stated its intent to achieve world domination by any means necessary.
  • Terry Howard threatened many alliances including GOD

Military operationsEdit

At 00:00 GOD Spy Operations completed and case built. By 00:09, February 29, local time, Illuminati nations were involved in 327 wars. By 00:13, roughly forty-five minutes after declaration, 142 Illuminati nations were in anarchy. CDT and SF alliances were taking prisoners by mid-day, February 29. needs completion

Illuminati surrenderEdit

On March 28, 2008 it was announced that the war had concluded and Illuminati had surrendered to CDT and the SuperFriends. The terms of the surrender can be found here. Illuminati post war strength is significantly less than their pre-war strength. As of March 28, 2008 - 05:56 PM (CN Time) Illuminati is comprised of 24 nations, 6 active nations, 25% percent active, 11,915 Nation Strength, 496 Average Nation Strength, 0 Nukes, and a score of 0.30. Before the war, Illuminati had over 300 nations

References and timelineEdit

All times are given in Cyber Nations time.


Here are some of the notable pieces of propaganda produced for the war.

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