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The Information Telegraph Agency of Russia (Russian: Информационное телеграфное агентство России, Informatsionnoye telegrafnoye agentstvo Rossii; abbr. ИТАР-ТАСС, ITAR-TASS), is the major news agency of Russia. It is headquartered in Moscow.


In July 1929 the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (ru:Телеграфное агентство Советского Союза) abbr. TASS was founded in Moscow. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the control of the agency was signed over to the Russian Federation and the name of the agency changed to ITAR-TASS.

Since 1998 it is completely state-owned and according to its website now produces about 700 newspaper pages per day. It has 74 bureaus and offices in Russia and 65 bureaus in 62 other countries.

Legal Notice[]

ITAR-TASS is under the jurisdiction of the government of the Russian Federation.

According to Russian law, ITAR-TASS must be cited when its news reports are distributed by others.