Conflicts Edit

Shortly after coming into existence, the ISSF were involved in the ISSF-DDM War in which the ISSF and it's allies came out victorious.

After this time-frame, the ISSF entered a period of relative peace and prosperity. Under the protection of FOK, the ISSF was allowed to flourish and grow. On May 10th, 2008, the ISSF's protectors FOK engaged in Continuum-NoV War. At this time the ISSF offered its assistance if needed. On May 12th, 2008, FOK activated the ISSF. The ISSF, along with protectorates of MCXA, were to engage smaller nations of FCO. At the time of blitz, it was also decided that the ISSF would assist in the engagement of Legio x.

Friday, August 14th - The ISSF enters the GGA-Hyperion_War at the request of FOK. ISSF nations engage in war with NpO.

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