Date: December 30, 2007 - January 11, 2008
Casus Belli: DDM tech raiding ISSF
Result: ISSF et al. victory


Dalas Dance Music (DDM)

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Abstract Edit

The ISSF-DDM War was a conflict between the alliances Dallas Dance Music and International States of Solidarity and Freedom and ISSF allies FOK!-Alliance, R&R and Majestic Order of Orange Nations.

Casus belli Edit

Two ISSF nations fell victim to DDM techraids. Government members of ISSF protector FOK registered at DDM forum to settle matters but were banned within minutes and before being able to post, but not before seeing DDM members discussing and ridiculing an ingame message sent by a FOK official. Government of other alliances were also banned. It turned out the complete forum of DDM was public. At first DDM claimed they were under the impression that the visitors were spam bots. Later they claimed they were spying. After receiving insulting ingame messages ISSF and FOK declared war on DDM.

Timeline of WarEdit

December 30:

  • ISSF nation being tech raided by DDM nations.
  • ISSF declares war against DDM.
  • ISSF: Diplomats of ISSF protector FOK visit DDM forum to broker peace only to be ridiculed and banned.

December 31:

  • FOK declares war upon DDM.
  • R&R nation assists FOK and ISSF.

January 2:

January 3:

  • DDM plans to rebuild after war and destroy ISSF and FOK leak. FOK sentences DDM to Perma-ZI
  • MOON nation joins the allied forces.

January 4:

  • micahB goes ZI by Damien.
  • Forum thread about the war is locked.

January 11:

  • DDM surrenders to ISSF and allies, agree to pay reps.

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