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Official Flag of IREP1

National Flag
"death before Dishonour"
National Anthem
Don't Tread on me.
Capital City Baghdad
Established 10/20/2008
(5,748 days old)
Government Type Revolutionary Revolutionary
Ruler ddog241
Alliance \m/
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Aqua Aqua
Statistics as of 1/18/2011
Literacy Rate 100%
Currency Dinar Dinar
Infrastructure 6,999.99
Technology 2,900.99
Nation Strength 47,853.906
Nation Rank 4,146 of 5,242 (79.09%)
Total Area 2,965.283 Nation Map

Nation Information[]


National Holidays[]

1/1 New Years
3/10 Dear Leaders Day
4/9 Military Day
4/27 Veterans Day
6/21 Summer Fest
10/20 Independance Day
10/31 Halloween
12/25 Christmas


10/20/2008 IREP1 founded

10/20/2008 IREP1 joins Athens

1/20/2009 IREP1 Leaves Athens and joins the Mushroom Kingdom

4/9/2009 IREP1 becomes a Nuclear Power

4/13/2009 IREP1 enters the Eight Minute War along side its Mushroom Kingdom comrades against the United Blue Directorate

4/27/2009 IREP1 enters the fight with its Mushroom Kingdom comrades Against The Phoenix Federation

6/25/2009 IREP1 Leaves MK and rejoins Athens

7/6/2009 IREP1 Leaves Athens

7/9/2009 IREP1 Becomes founding member of Legions of the Eldar

3/23/2010 IREP1 Leaves the defunct Eldar and joins Rubber Ducky Division

5/1/2010 IREP1 Rejoins Athens.

9/27/2010 IREP1 leaves Athens and joins \m/

Wars Faught In[]

MK-UBD Eight Minute War fought the UBD nations of Dark Order ruled by DarkJustice and Macedon ruled by Jimbobsonofgod also took on the MK Zi target of Miken ruled by slybomber

MK-TPF Karma War, seen IREP1 in action against the TPF nations of White Knightdom, Woodbridgeland, Knistall, Cedar Bluff, Buffalo Bottoms, Marcanto, Kansas and sheep lovers and another TPF nation who was deleted by all mighty Admin for violations

Athens-NPO Karma War IREP1 seen action against the NPO nation of Issara

Eldar-TSO+OTS TOP-C&G War IREP1 seen action against the TSO nation of dwsnation, the TSO nation of Empire of ShaKar, The OTS Nation of Chasic, the OTS nation of Believland