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August 1, 2013


iKronos rejoined Cybernations after years of deleting his previous nation. At that time he was just a member of the Black Peace Society/Black Defense Council. After rejoining on 7/22/12, he decided he wanted to join a small alliance again, so he could relearn the game without being bossed around, so he joined The Empire of the New Evolution (2nd) where he found himself at home. After befriending many members, he then decided to take place in Their government and was elected for council on 9/6/12, and later moved to Internal Affairs on 12/15/12.

iKronos left TENE for something different on April 15, shortly after a friend and decided to make an alliance with him.

-Rejoined TENE where he currently is.

War HistoryEdit

Fought VE front of the Equilibrium War.

Honored opponents faced(those who deserve recognition): Kite80 Honoribilis

Info last updated: 4/25/13

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