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Date September 14–15, 2009
Casus belli UCR: ICB tech raid on UCR nation
ICB: UCR's excessive retaliation and refusal to cooperate
Result White peace
Preceded by
Sith-Imperial War
Succeeded by
TMF-Supremacy League War
Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau
Union of Communist Republics
Flag of the Union of Communist Republics

The ICB-UCR War was a short-lived, small-scale conflict between the Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau and the Union of Communist Republics. The conflict began after a member nation of Brengstklau tech raided a member nation of the UCR. The UCR responded to this raid by sending in nations to defend their member during negotiations despite ICB's member standing-down. After four days of which UCR continued to attack despite Brengstklau's member never launching any new attacks and Brengstklen protests, ICB then responded to this by demanding peace, an apology, and 100 tech in reparations for what they saw as excessive retaliation, snubbing ICB government, and false negotiations meant to buy time. They set the deadline to be twenty-four hours after the ultimatum was delivered, after which they would attack UCR. Roughly 3 and 1/2 hours after UCR publicly recognized war with ICB, white peace was negotiated between them.

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