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Hunt for the Red October
Part of the Great Pacific War
Red october-class.jpg
The DPRM's pride: Red October
Date June 11, 2011 - June 14, 2011
Location Pacific Ocean

See the Battle of Midway

Status Ongoing

DPRMFlag.png Democratic People's Republic of Midway

MidwayFlag.png Union Resistance
Navy of JBR.png JBRican Navy
UvRHr.png Republic of Bekolan

DPRMFlag.png Daniel Bullock
MidwayFlag.png Ulysses Lee
MidwayFlag.png Franz Seidler
Flag of JBR.svg Ethan Du
Flag of JBR.svg Aleksa Marr
Red October
2 battleships
35 Battleships
10 Destroyers
11 Cruisers
9 Submarines
2 Aircraft Carriers
124 Aircrafts
Casualties and losses
1 Battleship (removed from mission)

After the Red October destroyed a fleet of the Union Resistance in the Battle of Midway, Daniel Bullock officially announced in the MHK the existence of the Red October Class Battleship and its proven strength. The Pacific Empire quickly reacted to the newly deployed warship by sending a fleet to either destroy or capture the Red October, thus, setting off the Hunt for the Red October.


On June 11, Daniel Bullock announced to STOP about the Red October Class Battleship via the Public Press. After the announcement, Emperor Frank Jaegar ordered the Imperial Military to deploy a fleet to counter the new threat.

IPS Jaegar in the Republic of Oceania

On June 12, the Red October and IPS Jaegar unexpectedly crossed paths and had a one-on-one battle. Their fight lasted for approximately 23 minutes before both warships retreated with the arrival of reinforcements from each side. The IPS Jaegar sustained heavy damages to its hull especially to the port side and was ordered to be repaired quickly. IPS Jaegar docked in a naval base in the Republic of Oceania to be repaired quickly but engineers reported that the damage was far too great than expected for the warship to be deployed again and the Imperial Military officially removed it from further battle.

On June 13, the United States of JBR officially joined the hunt by deploying twenty battleships and five destroyers to protect the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. The JBRican Navy and Coast Guard are given permission by the JBRican government to set up temporary naval bases in the Channel Islands in case of an attack by the Red October or other enemy vessels. The Republic of Bekolan also joined the hunt by deploying eleven cruisers from its navy.

On June 14, the Red October crew defects from the DPRM after Daniel Bullock orders the Red October to commit genocide by destroying the Kure Atoll Province. After the Union Resistance established communication with the Red October, the hunt was officially closed. The Imperial Pacific fleet was ordered to remain within the territory of Midway to act as support for any attacks against the DPRM.

Red October Class Details[]

Type Battleship
  • Displacement: 80,000 tons
  • Length: 356 meters (1167 feet and 11 inches)
  • Width: 76.2 meters (250 feet)
  • Propulsion: Nuclear engine with 200,000 horsepower (5 3-blade propellers 7 meters in diameter)
  • Speed: 30 knots (55.5 km/h or 34.5 mp/h)
  • Endurance: 8,000 nautical miles @ 20 knots (14816 km @ 37 km/h or 9206 mi. 414.6 yd @ 23 mp/h)
  • Crew complement: 3,500
  • 9 x 50 centimeter (19.7 inch) guns (3x3)
  • 6 × 15.5 cm (6.1 in) guns (2×3)
  • 12 × 12.7 cm (5 in) guns (6×2)
  • 26 × 25 mm (0.98 in) AA guns (8×3)
  • 30 × 13 mm (0.51 in) AA guns (2×2)
  • 700 mm (27 in) on face of main turrets
  • 450 mm (17 in) side armor
  • 200 mm (8 in) armored deck (75%)
  • 230 mm (9 in) armored deck (25%)
  • 6 float planes
  • 3 catapults

Pacific Empire Fleet[]

Aircraft Carriers

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