Hungry Like The Wolf Accords
Hungry Like The Wolf

Alpha Wolves
Alpha Wolves Flag
World Freedom Federation
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Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: November 17, 2015
Treaty Status: Active

Hungry Like The Wolf Accords

The Alpha Wolves join forces with the World Freedom Federation to continue friendship between the two growing alliances. It was announced on November 17th, 2015. The name of the treaty harkens back to the desire for both alliances to have fun and eat things. The content of the treaty articles is a main infographic and several words.


Alpha Wolves

Malakaralian- Alpha Wolf

Al Bundy- Beta Wolf

Ric Rast- Delta Wolf

Tja65- Wolf of Finance

World Freedom Federation

Nord Belka


A Floppy Penguin

The WFF Citizens

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