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House of Prussia
Coat of Arms of the House of Prussia
CountryFlag of the Kingdom of Germany Kingdom of Germany
Mädcheninsel Maiden's Isle
TitlesKing of Germany
Lord Protector of Maiden's Isle
FounderMichael von Preußen
on 12 December 2008

The House of Prussia (German: Haus Preußen) is a royal house of Europe. The leader of the House of Prussia is constitutionally enshrined as the King of Germany, and, due to that country's personal union with Maiden's Isle, Lord Protector of that nation. The current leader of the House of Prussia is Michael von Preußen, who is also serving as the elected Emperor of Großgermania.

The House of Prussia was founded in 2008, and is unrelated to any other European royal houses. Founded as a Duchy in 1525, Prussia was ruled by the House of Hohenzollern until the German Revolution of 1918. At this time, the Hohenzollerns were deposed, and Prussia became a Free State of the Weimar Republic. The state was eventually abolished by the Allied occupation of Germany.

Although a relatively common surname throughout modern German history, the name von Preußen was not, like many similar surnames using the nobiliary particle von, a name of any particular noble or royal family. As such, Michael von Preußen, born in East Berlin in 1982, was not of noble descent.

Upon the foundation of the Kingdom of Germany as a constituent country of Großgermania, the Constitution of Großgermania invested the rulership of the Kingdom in the House of Prussia with Michael von Preußen as its leader. Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern, head of the House of Hohenzollern, protested the investiture when it was first tabled in November 2008, and threatened to sue Michael von Preußen, and the Imperial Government of Großgermania, in order to secure the rulership for himself and his successors. The lawsuit, however, was thrown out of court by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, which claimed that previously-held royal titles served no purpose in determining current governmental leadership.

The House of Prussia currently has no heir presumptive. During Alexandra von Nassau's 2009 coup d'état, Michael von Preußen was exiled to Penisola Italiana. As there was no successor for the position of King of Germany, the title was held in regency by Ministerpräsident Horst Köhler, and Michael was reinstated as both King and Emperor on 7 June of that year.