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House of Oléron-Vendôme
Coat of Arms of the House of Oléron-Vendôme
TitlesEmperor of Vanivere
King of the Brabant
King of Coruvel
King of Rhévanie
King of the Silver Millennium
Grand Duke of Alraine
Grand Duke of Lucanie
Archduke of Tharetagne
FounderLéopold d'Oléron-Vendôme
in 2479
Current headAlexandre II of Vanivere

The House of Oléron-Vendôme (French: Maison d'Oléron-Vendôme) is a royal house of Celaeno. The leader of the House of Oléron-Vendôme is enthroned as the Emperor of Vanivere, and holds the thrones of four other provinces within the Vaniveran Empire. With the establishment of the Silver Millennium Imperium in 2808, the Head of the House of Oléron-Vendôme also holds the lunar throne of the Silver Millennium.

On May 3, 2467, King Guillaume I married Princess Charlotte Amelia of Tharetagne, daughter of Archduke William V of Tharetagne. Together, Guillaume and Charlotte had one child: Prince Henri. As the Emperor's first son, Prince Henri became the Crown Dauphin of Vanivere. The King and the Queen lived a happy four years together, but after Queen Charlotte Amelia's death while giving birth to a daughter, who also died, the King became a widower.

It was not until 2475 that Henri fell in love once again, this time with the Lady Joséphine de Bourbon from Châtillon. Courting Lady Joséphine for the next year, King Guillaume I finally married Joséphine on August 4, 2477. Two years later, Queen Joséphine gave birth to her first child, Prince Léopold Guillaume Henri Edvard d'Oléron-Vendôme, on November 19, 2479. With Prince Léopold's birth, the House of Oléron-Vendôme was created. It would not be until the White Rose Revolution and the subsequent abdication of King Henri II that the House of Oléron-Vendôme would rise to the newly created Imperial Throne of Vanivere.

On February 17, 2492, Prince Léopold's eldest son ascended the throne as Emperor Patric Frédéric I, the first Vaniveran monarch of the House of Oléron-Vendôme and the first Emperor of Vanivere.