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House Sitter Guard
Department of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officers Emperor Ice,

DeathAdder, SynysterGates, Tebeat, Tiberius

Overseer Zepher
Watching over absent Pacificans' nations.

The House Sitter Guard (HSG) was previously part of the Public Services department, then integrated into the Mentor Corps on November 13, 2011 when Public Services was shut down and the 4 departments were re-assigned throughout Internal Affairs. However, following the reorganization of Internal Affairs Operations, the HSG fell again under the general Internal Affairs structure, with oversight from the Imperial Officer(s) of Internal Affairs. On November 17 2016 by the order of Lord of Darkness oversight of the House Sitter Guard was transferred to the Military Command.

The duty of the House-Sitter Guard is to watch over Pacificans' nations when they cannot do so themselves. This can include anything from simply paying bills and collecting taxes to fighting in wars. The House-Sitter Guard is led by the Overseer and staffed by Watchdogs.

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Following the incorporation of the House Sitter Guard into a new super Internal Affairs department, they were initially overseen by a Commissar. However the new structure was not deemed a complete success, so specialised positions were reintroduced into its new and current form.

Rank Image Duties
Overseer Overseer.png Manages the department, handles administrative duties and staffing requests. The Overseer also ensures that all nation sitting requests are filled in a timely manner by the Watchdogs.
Watchdog Watchdog.png These people are nation sitters that watch over their fellow comrade's nations when it's requested.

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