Horses With Lightsabers

New Sith Order
Flag of Invicta

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: 17 March 2010
Treaty Status: Active

Horses With Lightsabers is a Mutual Defense Pact between the New Sith Order and Invicta. It was announced 17 March 2010.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Article I – SovereigntyEdit

Both signatories shall retain their sovereignty and shall not take any action, directly or indirectly, that would threaten the sovereignty or security of the other.

Article II – Non-aggressionEdit

Both signatories pledge to refrain from any attacks, military or otherwise, upon the other. Both signatories shall not condone any acts of aggression toward the other nor use sanctions upon the other. Both signatories also pledge that diplomacy shall be the first action taken in any incident.

Article III - Mutual DefenseEdit

An act of war upon one signatory is to be considered an act of war upon the other and will be responded to with all available force. Each signatory agrees to provide any and all information pertinent to the defense of the other. Neither signatory is obligated to defend the other through actions as a result of other treaties.

Article IV – TerminationEdit

If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty for any reason, they must inform the other 72 hours in advance where all articles of the treaty shall still remain active until the closure of the aforementioned period.


For the New Sith Order

  • Lintwad, Emperor of the New Sith Order
  • Doppelganger, Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Anthony, Sith Lord
  • Heggo, Sith Lord
  • Lennox, Sith Lord
  • Stonewall Jaxon, Master of Lies
  • CodyHaner, Marauder of Lies
  • Dilber, Marauder of Lies
  • Lord Fingolfin, Marauder of Lies

For Invicta

  • Jorost of the Triune Republic, President
  • Learz, Vice President of Invicta, I Can't Think Of A Cool Title So Bite Me
  • King Hobbs, Minister of Internal Affairs, Zombie Sniper
  • President Gunn of Acturea, Minister of Internal Affairs (ret.) & Earl of Earnhardt
  • Sir Glen of Noumenonopolis, Minister of Finance, Webmaster, and his August Majesty's Air Chief Marshall
  • Buddyboyrollin of US2000, Minister of War
  • Timitz, Director of Reconstruction and Rearmament
  • Haflinger of Llonach, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
  • Dan2680 of Red Army, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Thrash, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
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