Homer was the second last Reichsgeneral (Imperial General) of Norden Verein's (NoV) Armed Forces and was a member of the Reichsregierung (Government). He was succeeded by Yamato whereas Homer took command of NoV's forces after the retirement of Pinochet. He has also served as a Volksfuhrer (Leader of the People). Homer was previously a member of Nordreich I (NoR) and served under Jake Felan in the Großdeutschland Korps and Botha in the Laagar Division 2/5 - receiving accolades from both commanders for his resilience and bravery in the face of battle. He joined Norden Verein on 8 May 2007. He has fought actively in many wars and has reached near ZI (Zero Infrastructure) three times for the defence of his homeland. On the 12th of April, 2008 Homer got hit by a nuclear strike for the first time in defence of NoV. In total he has been hit seven times by nuclear weapons.

After the decline of Norden Verein, Homer's Nation got Deleted and then he created a new Nation. Kaiser Martens invited him to join Nordreich II and then he became a member of NoR on the 9th of July, 2009. Homer has been elected as an Althing Member (Member of Parliament) of NoR II twice.

He is a shining example to all the critics of NoR I, NoV and NoR II who claim these alliances promote Nazism and Racism. He is a born Muslim from Pakistan and has had one of the most important positions in NoV.

Homer has held every single rank in the military. Starting as a mere Soldat (soldier) he has reached a Post which only few achieve in their lives. His invaluable services have earned him 'Order of the Aesir' and 'Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross' which few have earned during their service to NoR, NoV and NoR II. He was the first and the last Official NoV Ambassador to SoM (Sons of Muspel).

Homer is a Veteran of Great War II, Saint Patrick's Day War, Great War III, Reformation War and The Unjust War. He has put 72 nations in anarchy and has ZIed 36 Nations. He has on many occasions helped the junior nations of NoV. In total he has already sent £62 million of aid to younger nations.

His previous and current appointments are given below:-

Oberst of Landwehr Division of Nordreich II. Ex-Althing Member of Nordreich II. Ex-Oberst (Equal To Brigadefuhrer) of Großdeutschland Division of Nordreich II. Ex-Reichsregierung of Norden Verein. Ex-Volksführer of Norden Verein. Ex-Reichsgeneral of Norden Verein. Ex-Reichsleitung of Norden Verein. Ex-Ambassador to Sons of Muspel (SoM). Ex-Generalfeldmarschall of Norden Verein. Ex-Feldmarschall of Einherjar Division. Ex-Feldmarschall of Teutonic Knights Division. Ex-Ambassador to Maroon Alliances. Ex-Brigadefuhrer of Teutonic Knights Division. Ex-Standartenführer of Wachregiment Wiking, Teutonic Knights Division. Ex-Standartenführer of Wachregiment Wotan's Spear, Teutonic Knights Division. Ex-Oberst of Wachregiment Wotan's Spear, Teutonic Knights Division.

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