Homeland Liberation War
Part of the Wars by Democratic Republic of England. Invasion Of Democratic Republic of England by Kikora.
Date July 22, 2007
Location Democratic Republic of England
Result Massive Infrastructure
Damage to both nations, and military stalemate, ongoing.
Kikora General Alfred Jones
37,711 Soldiers
4739 Tanks
16,694 Soldiers
1235 Tanks

During the days leading up to the invasion, the Democratic Republic of England had been undertaking military operations with its alliance, The Cartel. These operations involved attacking inactive nations and removing any technology that could be found. Kikora, a former member of the NPO, on the other hand was preparing to quit the game. So to go out with a bang, its leader Kikora decided to lauch a suicide attack against six nations, three of which were from the Cartel.

Invasion Edit

On the 22nd July 2007 Kikora launched an unprovoked attack against the D.R. of England. Both sides suffered horrific losses, but Kikora over ran many Grand Army of the Republic positions and took victory, as well as this they launched airstrikes, but the Grand Airforce of the Republic destroyed the Kikoran airfoce with ease. The next day following a demand for reparations from the D.R. of Englands foreign office, Kkiora launched a nuclear strike. By this time the government and the civilian population were in bukers, but even so, huge swaths of the country were destroyed. The battles continued. The Grand Army of the Republic fought using tatics, whereas Kikora fought with sheer numbers charging. Losses were heavy on both sides, as both sides launched new offensives. The Kikoran military caused huge amounts of damage to the nation.

Kikora Suffers Edit

Kikora had also attacked five other nations, four of which were armed with nuclear weapons. Day after day, these nuclear armed nations launced their weapons at Kikora, causing huge infrastructure damge, and huge civilian deaths. Military deaths also started to mount. After losing some 37,000 men attacking the D.R. of England, the Kikoran military has lost a further 200,000 soldiers.

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