Holy War of Farkistan
Date January 7 - June 10, 2007
Result Fark becomes viceroyalty of GOONS
Preceded by
Maroon War
Succeeded by
Second Great War
Primary Combatants


Major Allies

LUEnited Nations

Primary Combatants


Major Allies

New Pacific Order


Early WarEdit

The Holy War of Farkistan began soon after the founding of Farkistan, when the GOONS alliance received intelligence leading them to believe that Fark leaders sought to destroy GOONS. A full-scale assault by GOONS upon Farkistani nations followed. Shortly thereafter on the 8th of January, LUE came to the aid of Farkistan leading to Great War II. Farkistan's allies in The League were defeated and the wider war soon over, but peace for Fark was denied and so Fark and GOONS remained at each other's throats.

Post Second Great WarEdit

After the Second Great War active support for Farkistan among other alliances ended and a period of isolation began. The New Pacific Order entered the Holy War on the side of GOONS, along with nations from many other GOONS allies. As time went by, any alliance with ties to the Initiative was able to attack Fark essentially at will.

Third Great WarEdit

Being already at war with GOONS when the Third Great War broke out, Fark is considered to be a part of Aegis, the loose coalition of anti-Initiative forces that fought in Great War III. In addition to fighting GOONS, Fark nations saw significant action against Genmay during this period. At the conclusion of GWIII and defeat of Aegis, peace was declared on the Genmay front, but Fark's long-standing Holy War against GOONS was to continue.


Peace was finally declared on June 10, 2007 with GOON Daemon Vower installed as viceroy of Farkistan.

In addition, Farkistan was subjected to a number of conditions which, if broken, would mean eternal war. Having already dodged one everlasting war, the members of Fark were unwilling to start another, and stuck to the terms. On September 10, Farkistan was released from the contract by Daemon Vower (who ceased to be viceroy of Fark in the process) due to the outbreak of the Unjust War, in which GOONS and Farkistan ironically fought on the same side.

The war was the longest in the history of Planet Bob for a long period of time until recently, as the FAN-1V War continued past the one-year point. Although the GOONland Resistance Movement technically overtook the Holy War in February 2008, unlike FARK which endured and survived its protracted war, GOONS were for all intents and purposes destroyed by their conflict and eventually disbanded.


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