This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of October, 2008. More information is available here.

Holy Order of Darkness
HOOD Motto: I would rather live life dying then live life on my knees
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founder(s) fiercesob,viper
Founded August 1
  • King: fiercesob
  • King: viper

  • Archon of Foerign Affairs: vengeance
  • Archon of Defense: Murtagh
  • Archon of Economy: sssss
  • Archon of Internal Affairs: Donny

  • Council:

Ares The god of War1 Vengefuly Kaiser William VII

Black Senate extremelyaverage of Jenavia
International relations Protectorate-Sparta

link= alliance Statistics as of 09/12/08

Total Nations 80
Strength 202,000
Avg. Strength 10,605
Nukes 0
Score 1.55
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History[edit | edit source]

On August 1, 2008 the Holy Order of Darkness was formed by fiercesob and viper. With a full Government and a heart to grow as much as possible. The next two months where some of its greatest growth reaching a peak of 100 members and 500k nation strength but with the government being held together by only a few they thought it the best for them to disbanded and merge into Sparta.

Charter[edit | edit source]

Charter of the Holy Order of Darkness

Preamble This document is meant to show the rights,structure,policy\'s of the alliance. All member agree to this as soon as they come a member.

I. Membership

Once applying you will know HOOD is based off the black sphere. Nations below 10,000 nation strength is mandatory before allowed in to switch to black. If you are above 10,000 nation strength you will have 2 weeks to get trades and switch to black.

After this you will need to register and go here and follow directions.


II. Government


There are 2 kings in the alliance. They are the leaders and are in full control of the alliance. Both kings must agree on every thing before passed. They are able to kick members out with out a council vote. They king is a for life position. Unless they step down or the council as a 2/3 vote and all the Archon's sign off on it. Kings appoint every position but the council.


Archon's are the department heads and give weekly reports to the king. All Archons will get a deputy and it will be hand picked by the kings. Archon's may be replaced if the kings think they are not doing there jobs, no vote is needed to do this. There may be unlimited Archon's to lead departments.


There are 3 councilors for every 100 members in HOOD. They will hold office for two months. Elections will be held on the last week of the second month. You must be in the alliance for 1 months to run for council. The council will be used as a court if a member that is being kicked out wishes to have a court.

III Law/Policy's

You may not be apart of any other alliance while apart of The Holy Order of Darkness

You may not attack anther nation with out approval of a high command, if you attack some one with out high command giving the go you are officially kicked out of holy order of darkness.

You may not use Nuclear Weapons with out the approval of one king

spying on a foreign alliance is NOT ALLOWED and will not accept any information on them.

You may not carry out spy attacks on anther nation with out the approval of the kings.

IV. Amendments

If any government member or member with in the alliance wishes to amend the charter they must bring a vote with a 3/4 regents vote and 2/3 council vote. The kings must both agree and sign off on it.

Treaty's[edit | edit source]


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