Public holidays in Grand Besaid are legislated at the national level, and occassionally at the state level. Many of these holidays are observed nationwide, but each state does have its own holidays as well. While major Christian holidays such as Christmas and Good Friday are officially observed, other religious, especially Christian, holidays are widely accepted as well. Examples of other non-religious, yet accepted holidays, include Halloween and Black Friday, neither of which are official holidays.

Public Statutory holidays

National Holidays
Date English Name Significance
January 1st New Year's Day Celebrates the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
January 31st Memorial Day Celebrates all of the fallen leaders and soldiers who have fought for or have been citizens of Grand Besaid.
February 14th Wisdom and Understanding Day Promotes Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding; it is also a day of celebration and thanks for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
March 13th Constitution Day Commemorates the ratification of the various Constitutions of Grand Besaid, it is also a day for promoting knowledge and understanding of the Constitution.
Two Days before Easter Good Friday Commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Two Days after Good Friday Easter Celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
50 days after Easter Pentecost Commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus.
May 3rd Progress Day Celebrates the Progress of the nation of Grand Besaid; it is also used to celebrate one's own progress, and is sometimes used to celebrate the Progress of the nation's alliance.
May 19th Veterans Day A day for recognizing and celebrating the veterans of war and destruction.
June 1st Founders Day (Independence Day) Celebrates the independence and founders of Grand Besaid.
June 11th Leadership Day Celebrates the leaders of Grand Besaid.
August 17th Labor Day Celebrates the workers and labor force of Grand Besaid.
September 9th MHA Day (Alliance Day) Celebrates the founding of the Mostly Harmless Alliance.
September 14th Nuclear Day Celebrates the day that Grand Besaid completed its first nuclear weapon.
October 17th Election Day Commemorates the day where all federal elections, and most other elections within the nation of Grand Besaid are held.
November 1st All Saints Day A day to remember all of the saints in heaven, and to celebrate their sainthood, while trying to follow their example.
November 8th Literacy Day Celebrates the day that Grand Besaid achieved a 100% literacy rate.
November 17th Thanksgiving A day to give Thanks for all that you have.
December 25th Christmas Celebrates the birth of Jesus.
December 30th Freedom Day Celebrates the freedom and liberty of the citizens of Grand Besaid.
December 31st New Year's Eve Celebrates the last day of the Gregorian calendar.
State Holidays
Date English Name Significance OY OG AD TS ZK
January 21st Aqua Day Celebrates the creation of the Aqua Sphere, the team which Grand Besaid is a member. Black check Black check Black check
17 March St. Patrick's Day Commemorates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Black check Black check Black check
July 4th Mid-Summers Day Celebrates the joys of Summer, while giving people a day off to enjoy them Black check Black check Black check Black check
August 15th Festival Day Celebrates cultural tradition, and is meant for people to have parties and parades celebrating culture. Black check Black check
September 1st Family Day Celebrates the bond of family, and commemorates its great importance. Black check Black check Black check Black check
Monday on or before November 2nd All Souls Day Commemorates the faithful departed. Black check Black check Black check
December 3rd Youth Day Celebrates the youth of the nation and the hope for the future they bring. Black check
Total (including National Holidays)   26 25 23 26 25

Commonly Observed holidays

Grand Besaidians commonly recognize the following holidays, though none of them are legal holidays. Grand Besaidians do not typically get these days off from work and school.

Date English Name Significance
February 14th Valentine's Day A day when lovers express love for each other.
March 21st Grandparents Day A day to celebrate and honor grandparents.
April 1st April Fools' Day A day to play pranks and make fools of each other and one's self.
April 22nd Bob Day A day to celebrate nature and to raise awareness for enivornmental issues.
Second Sunday of May Mother's Day A day honoring mothers.
Third Friday of May Black Friday A day for shopping.
May 25th Towel Day A day for alliance celebrations and themes.
Third Sunday of June Father's Day A day honoring fathers.
First Sunday of August Friendship Day A day celebrating friends and friendship in general.
October 31st Halloween Activities include wearing costumes and trick-or-treating.
December 24th Christmas Eve Observed as a holiday in anticipation of Christmas.
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