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Established 3/11/2008
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Invicta Edit

The first alliance Hodges joined was Invicta, after being introduced to CN and the alliance by some real life friends. When some of those friends left to form Meritokrati, he joined up with them, eventually coming "home" to Invicta when Meritokrati merged back into Invicta on March 31, 2009.

Hodges briefly held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance in Invicta, which he expressed interest in when the Minister of Finance, ShotgunWilly, was looking for some help. He was responsible for organizing tech deals, attempting to shift the focus of Invicta's tech deals to 3x3 arrangements instead of the typical 30 day 1x1s.

I enjoy seeing behind the scenes and knowing about all the hard work the Invicta govt does, even if it isn't always transparent to the general membership of the alliance.

New Pacific Order Edit

Hodges left Invicta and joined the New Pacific Order on 6 November 2009. Due to reasons of inactivity, he was demoted and is therefore no longer a member of Pacifica.

Invicta Awards Won Edit

My Ribbon Rack
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